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Are you interested in useless facts? How about the history of a product that you most likely use daily? Well here is a nice combination of both for those of you with San Antonio garage doors. We are going to explore the history of folding overhead garage doors.

The first garage door was an up and over style. This type of garage door could be lifted upwards to open the garage and it would lay parallel to the garage ceiling. This was first created in 1921 by C.G. Johnson. Five years later in 1926, he played a huge part in creating the more modern style of the electric door opener. This invention made it much easier to open the heavy garage doors. Due to this invention, the Overhead Door Corporation started. This company is one of the largest garage door manufacturers in the world.

Another man who became well established in the garage door business was Wayne Dalton. He quickly became one of the leading manufacturers and garage door services. After this, he moved to Mt. Hope, Ohio which had a very large Amish population at the time. He then hired many of the Amish craftsmen to manufacturer high quality garage doors. This was just the first steps he took in becoming a leader in garage door innovation.

The above is the history of how garage doors started, but what about the style of them? At this time, many homes did not have garages. As time passed many people started building garages on their own property. Due to a decrease in land, garages started getting closer and closer to the home until they started to be built as part of the home. Since all homes looked different architecturally, garage doors also needed to look different. There was a need for the garage door to match the style of the house and the color so it did not stand out too much.

Some of the most common styles were colonial, French, Mediterranean, and Old English style garage doors. These types of doors tended to match the architecture of most homes built at that time. As time passed, the company Craftsman began to stand out as a very popular manufacturer. This particular company tended to use an open framework and had their own personalized lattices. Because there were so many more styles on the market, there was an increase in need. Due to the increased need of garage doors, there was a surge in jobs available.

This is most likely more information about garage doors then you ever expected to have. Now you will be prepared for any Jeopardy question about garage door history.